CosmoProf approached PDS with a challenge to convert its B2B commerce site into an experience resembling that of an advanced B2C commerce site, with the goal of remaining on the cutting-edge of B2B trends.

Project Details

Project Type: B2B

Industry: Salon Professional Product Distribution

Launched: December 2014

PDS’ technology team engineered the "B2B Xcelerator", a fully automated, cart-agnostic platform adapter that has the ability to accommodate CosmoProf's highly specialized matrix of product availability/exclusion and pricing, which is based on:
  • Over 870,000 zip and postal codes across the United States and Canada
  • 26,000 SKUs
  • 21 corporate portals
  • 700 shipping zones
  • Special exception arrangements with 3,000 business customers
The B2B Xcelerator transformed a traditionally B2C commerce platform into a B2B shopping experience for CosmoProf's business customers, all while maintaining the integrity of its business rules and producing a negligible impact on page load times.

About CosmoProf

CosmoProf is the Salon Professional's preferred destination for access to an unrivaled portfolio of renowned brands, connection to advancing education and business-building tools, and innovative fashion-forward trends. CosmoProf is always there for its customers: online, mobile, in-store, at events, and in-salon. Always loyal to the Salon Professional, CosmoProf empowers its customers with the right tools, training, and inspiration to achieve their full potential.

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