Kate Spade Saturday

Kate Spade Saturday

After the successful implementation of the Kate Spade New York site, PDS was charged with developing the inaugural site for Kate Spade Saturday and fulfilling some unique requests:

Project Details

Project Type: Web Development

Industry: Fashion

Completed: May 2013

  • The site had to be designed with the iPad as the primary interface (as opposed to desktop/laptop monitors) to accommodate the preferences of their younger target demographic
  • Creating a personalized social shopping experience was a key element in order to capture the company’s brand, which draws women into a world that’s culturally curious and irresistibly alluring

With a deep understanding of Kate Spade Saturday’s customer usability, PDS recommended and implemented the following components when launching the brand:

  • Vertically tall pages on the site that included key functions and information in both the header and main body of the page to produce a “sticky effect,” in which the messaging retained its positioning as the user scrolled beyond the fold
  • Twitter and Instagram feeds integrated into the product detail pages that pulled relevant hash tags to showcase images of how customers like to wear their Kate Spade Saturday products
  • Customer feedback on the fit of their Kate Spade Saturday products – pulled from product reviews – incorporated into the site’s Size Guide located on the product detail pages

About Kate Spade Saturday

Kate Spade Saturday’s goal is to bring weekend spirit to every day of the week with good, easygoing style and a sense of spontaneity. The company opened its first store in Tokyo in March 2013, and shortly after launched its US-based online store. Since then, it has opened retail stores in Japan, Singapore, and the US, with more to come in the coming months and years.

Other Works

Constructing sites for optimal back-end management and preparing them for upgrades.

Revolutionizing online shopping with a shared cart for Kate Spade’s 3 sites.

Allowing customers to view products in a magazine-like format and select items to purchase.